350 is a “bold, creative and strategic organization that embraces new experiments and solutions, recognizing that [the climate] crisis requires new ways of solving problems.” 350’s new campaign will prove a fresh approach can take on the challenge of shifting the mindset from fearful or desensitized.
Utilizing risqué copy pulls the viewer in and appeals to young adults’ rebelliousness. The invitation to be naughty in one area contrasts with typical guilt inducing environmental narratives, while the provocative nature sparks conversation and inspires involvement.
This idea is brought to life with bold, bright color combinations, and clear typography, paired with a variety of striking stock imagery showcasing impacts of climate change.  

The integrated campaign will be shared across social media and burst out into transit, promotional products, and community involvement. Out-of-home media is marked with only #keepitclean and a QR Code that will channel viewers to a microsite for the campaign. All of the elements not only renew awareness and drive action, but ultimately lead viewers to a petition calling for structural change.
The intentional disconnect between copy and imagery requires active viewership. The #keepitclean and tagline “Stop Screwing Around” then draw parallels between the two subjects; sex and climate. For this campaign 350 joined forces with no-nonsense sex-positive toy store Spectrum. Spectrum brings expertise in sex education and their high-quality, sustainable products. 

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